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DOMAINIZ.COM domain name pricing accrues monthly at a minimum rate of 0.84% simple interest, so it is much better to buy a domain name sooner rather than later. Some of our more premium domain names accrue at a higher more agressive simple interest rate. The extension particularly will always continue to accrue in value. The is number one and will always be number one. Customers should understand that when they buy a domain name, they are buying something that is 100% unique. It's a pure intellectual property and nothing else like it exists in the entire world. Only one of each domain name can exist. The is the most valuable domain name extension and it will only continue to go up and up in value for as long as you own it. We don't negotiate our pricing because we know that the longer we keep a domain name, the more it will sell for when it does sell. All's will sell eventually because there are no more new's to register.
We do all of our domain sale transactions through, which ensures safety and security for both the buyer and seller. The price quotes of domain names are in U.S Dollars only. Once we issue a price quote for a domain name, the price quote is only binding for a period of 24 hours from the time of the price quote. After the 24 hour period has elapsed, we reserve the right to price quote the same domain name at a completely different price.
When you are buying a domain name from us, you should set up a free account for us to transfer the domain to. Having a account makes the domain name transfer very quick and very easy. The process takes just seconds to do. Once your payment clears, your domain can be transferred the very same day within seconds. The faster the buyer makes the payment, the faster we will transfer the domain name. During the sale process you will need to supply us and your ACCOUNT NUMBER, CUSTOMER NUMBER, and EXACT EMAIL ADDRESS ON FILE WITH GODADDY.COM. We compare the information with and if it matches we proceed with correct transfer into the correct account. Also make sure that the personal biographical account information in your account matches the information that you give to If the information is different, it will confuse the process and the transcation will take longer to happen and may even be canceled. It is very important to keep the personal biographical account information same at both and PLEASE NOTE THAT DURING THE TRANSACTION PROCESS, DOMAINIZ.COM WILL TAKE ALL DIRECTIONS FROM ESCROW.COM AND NOT THE BUYER. When you buy a domain name from us, you only get the domain name you requested and nothing else. You do not get a website or anything else except for the domain name you are buying. Once you get the domain into your account, you can start using it immediately to do anything you want. You are also free to transfer the domain to another domain name registrar of your choosing. Please feel free to contact directly to verify all claims in this document. Thank You.
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